The morning horizon over the Pacific Ocean, viewed from the cliffs of the Long Marine Lab at University of California, Santa Cruz. Photo by Ben Young Landis.

Climate Conversations | March 2019

News and Things for March 2019
Curated by Ben Young Landis

  • Connecting with Your Audience tickets available for April 19th
  • Portfolio: Our Owl Friends and Wild River Fruit
  • Practicing ‘Climate Conversations’ at UC Santa Cruz
  • The debate over prediabetes
  • Exxon Mobil communicates carbon capture
  • Upcoming workshops and events

#CWYAscicomm Workshop Tickets Available for April 19th

Our Connecting with Your Audience workshop returns to Sacramento on April 19th! Designed especially for technical experts and scientists, this course offers professionals and students a helpful primer and improv practice on the elements of science communication. Help us spread the word! (Share the April 19th Eventbrite ticket link)

‘Our Owl Friends’ Help Organic Kiwifruit Take Flight

As spring brings new leaves to kiwifruit vines in Northern California, let’s take a look back at Our Owl Friends — our incredible collaboration with Wild River, a third-generation family farm in the Sacramento Valley. Discover why we chose a barn owl character to bring Wild River’s sustainability story to supermarkets around the country. (Read about Our Owl Friends in our portfolio)

Preparing for ‘Climate Conversations’ at UC Santa Cruz

Modeling after the successful CCST Climate Science Translators Showcase, the University of California, Santa Cruz will host a Climate Conversations Showcase on April 11th as part of its annual climate conference. At the invitation of UCSC Coastal Science & Policy director Anne Kapuscinski and program administrator Sarah Eminhizer, Ben Young Landis spent a sunny March Sunday training students in the craft of communicating science to decisionmakers through conversational networking, using our #CYWAscicomm, #SciPolComm, and #AdSciComm workshop curricula. (Read the UCSC press release | Read the #CCSTShowcase design story | Share our tweet)

Messaging and the War on Prediabetes

We talk often about how messaging is crucial to communicating science — but what happens when messaging creates controversy? A feature story in the March 8th issue of Science magazine examines how one messaging decision has triggered profound implications for patients, physicians, and industry. (Read the story in Science)

Exxon Mobile Commercial Communicates Carbon Capture

The fossil fuels industry continues to adapt its public image under the lens of climate change and environmental action. A recent Exxon Mobil television spot provides one example — drawing parallels between carbon capture in living plants with human industrial efforts in sequestration. (Watch Exxon’s ‘Carbon Capture’ ad on

Upcoming Events

April 5th Workshop: “Finding Your Identity in Science Communication” with Ben Young Landis and Kelly April Tyrrell (Science Talk 2019, Portland, Oregon | Conference Program)

April 19th Workshop: “Connecting with Your Audience: Tools for Effective Science Communication” with Ben Young Landis (Sacramento, California | Eventbrite Link)

May 2nd Workshop: “Connecting with Your Audience: Tools for Effective Science Communication” with Ben Young Landis (28th Annual Meeting of NorCal SETAC, Sacramento, California)

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