A logotype reading "Creative Externalities" with the orange square logo text "C R 8 X T" and www.cr8xt.com written beneath.


My name is Ben Young LandisWelcome to my portfolio and philosophy.

Creative Externalities is the absolute expression of my desire to serve the world. I want to help individuals and institutions with inspiring missions tell their great story and share their important message. My work and my clients have been as diverse as the world around us, with examples such as:

What unites these varied pursuits is my philosophy of generating Creative Externalities. In everything that I set out to do, I am confident that the end product will provide value to the client. But, I am also hopeful that our effort will affect further ripples of positive good for many others more. The societal benefits and intrinsic beauty produced from one creative effort or design will, in turn, radiate further out into the world.

So, browse my portfolio. Download the free worksheet tools for your use. Read the design stories behind these projects and products. I hope they inspire you to create your own ripples of impact — and bring forth good around you.

Curious about anything? Do drop me a note or question. I look forward to hearing from you.

— Ben Young Landis

Portfolio Highlights

The logo for Creative Externalities. It is a square shape with the text C R 8 X T in white, against an orange background.

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