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Photo composition of fruits on an old, worn bamboo cutting boardm, full of old knife marks. Some cherries are scattered to the upper left. A large mango fills the upper right corner. In the center view is a ripe avocado cut in half, exposing the large, nearly spherical seed. A whole avocado rests nearby. Water droplets adorn the fruits. The style is hypersaturated in color and contrast, accentuating the shadows and cuts. (Photo by Ben Young Landis)
An enormous freight ship, with shipping containers stacked more than 10 layers high like toy blocks, can be seen touching both sides of the Suez Canal. It's so big that a big tractor-digger on the shore looks like a tiny insect. The foreground is stacked containers from the ship from which this photo was taken.
Children and parents gather at the Science Storytellers booth at the Family Science Days public fair hosted in Seattle by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, February 16, 2020. The photo shows scientists of diverse ethnicities and genders seated and being interviewed one-on-one by kids with pen and paper in hand. (Photo by Ben Young Landis for Science Storytellers)
A farmer's market stand in Sacramento, California in December 2019. Several large heads of cabbage are at the left of the shot, while tens of smaller, egg-sized cabbage are spread out to the right, with a few florets of broccoli. (Photo by Ben Young Landis)
View of the mural "I Am A Man" by Marcellous Lovelace (installed by BLK75) on South Main Street, Memphis, Tennessee, under the waning light. (Photo by Ben Young Landis)
Exterior shot of the California State Capitol, focusing on the dome and cupola. (Photo by Ben Young Landis)
Still life of the hand-laid leaf art countertop of Morning Fork diner in Sacramento, California. The countertop is decorated with dried leaves of different colors and shapes. A full coffee cup sits at the top right of the frame. It feels like home. (Photo by Ben Young Landis)
People and shadows of the summer, seen from above on the upper deck of the Golden One Center in Sacramento, California. The shadows are long under the approach dusk light. The people look small from high above. (Photo by Ben Young Landis)
Blossoms adorned with raindrops, seen on the campus of Reed College in Portland, Oregon. (Photo: Ben Young Landis)